Classic Noserider


Pure old school joy!

Donald came up with this design in the 60’s when surfing was all about getting on the tip. An exceptional log, but also extremely versatile in any size waves. The Rolls Royce of Donald’s classic longboards. Single glass on pivot fin, 10 oz. Volan cloth with knee patch, and balsa/cedar/foam t-band stringer with high density foam tail block. Classic Noserider Light Weight (LW) is also vailable.

 Recommended Fins:

- 9.5" or 10" MTP fin 

* 10.0" MTP fin (limited edition aloha fabric) on 9'11" Classic Noserider

** Single box is available, but glass on MTP fin is recommended



Coming soon!

Noah Shimabukuro Photo: Tatsuo Takei