About HPD Japan Ohana

Kenji Miyauchi (Distributor and Team Rider)


Kenji has been a member of Donald's ohana since he was young. He has been our international team rider for a long time and is one of the best longboarders in Japan!!! After the passing of Donald, Kenji has played a very important role in carrying on the legacy of Donald and became our representative in Japan to help HPD in any way he can.  

 Satoshi Ishiguro (Shaper)


HPD Japan shaper, Satoshi Ishiguro is another craftsman who carries on the legacy of Donald's shapes and designs. Satoshi has been working with HPD for years and continues ro build superoir quality surfboards for customers in Japan. Lately he has been closely working with Tommy Maus to keep Donald's designs traditional "Donald". 

Photo by HPD Japan
Photo by HPD Japan