About HPD Australia (North Coast Surfboards)

Image via HPD Australia website
Image via HPD Australia website

North Coast Surfboards (Australian lincensee of Hawaiian Pro Designs) are responsible for manufacturing Donald’s boards here in Australia. Under licence, these boards are all KKL-machine shaped and then hand-finished shaped, glassed, sanded etc. at our factory here in Byron Bay.


We have been making Donald’s boards for the last 8 years and have been working tirelessly with Donald to continue to bring the customer the best possible surfboards that money can buy.

 Whether ordering a custom HPD or selecting one of our stock boards from the showroom, you can be assured that pride has been taken in the manufacturing of your new Hawaiian Pro Designs surfboard.


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Our factory/showroom is located at 1/29 Acacia Street in the Byron Bay Arts and Industry Estate in Northern NSW. We’re open from 10-5, Monday thru Friday. 

You can come and discuss a new board you are looking to order, or have a look in our fully stocked showroom, we try to always have at least one of every model of Donald’s available for you to look at. 


As well as our massive range of new boards we also have a large range of quality second hand boards. Click below to see a list of the second hand boards currently available, and you can also click below for an up to date list of every new board we have in the showroom.