"We developed the first flexible stringerless surfboard in 1998. In 2003 we overcame delamination by anchoring the fiberglass in the foam core. We recycled the first surfboard in 2008. Over the years we came to realize that there is no perfect flex for every surfer and every condition. So we made it adjustable."

Bufo September 2009

Hydroflex Technology

Information and all images via Hydroflex Surfboards

3-Dimentional Surfboard Lamination

The conventional two-dimensional adhesion surface is replaced by a 3-dimensional bonding structure, thus multiplying the bonding surface and strength between resin, cloth and core. The Hydroflex surfboard design is based on the patented 3D-lamination process, which is unique in surfboard design today. This eliminates delamination by anchoring the laminate into the foam core like tree roots in the ground. Every Hydroflex board with the SuperCharger and the Natural surfboard design is laminated with this unique lamination technique. The strenght of the lamination is customizable. 

The Surpercharger

Hydroflex surfboards with the "SuperCharger" surfboard design have adjustable flex characteristics. The flex of the board can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the amount of compressed air within the surfboard. The board comes equipped with an adapter and pump that connect to a valve on the board. Insert pump adaptor into the valve and increase the board's rigidity by raising interior air pressure.To allow for more flex, simply release air by pushing down on the valve needle. This enables you to adjust your personal flex level preference to the current conditions. An absolute first! An additional benefit of internal pressurization: in case of a crack, no water will ever enter the inside of the board. Boards with the "SuperCharger" surfboard design are made from stringer-less EPS blanks and epoxy resin. The Hydroflex "SuperCharger" surfboard design was awarded with the CONNECT MIP AWARDS 2011 


The Natural

Hydroflex boards with "The Natural" surfboard design have excellent flex characteristics similar to "The SuperCharger". They are glassed with epoxy, so they give you a more natural and lively feel compared to a surfboard glassed with poly. Boards with "The Natural" surfboard design have Hydroflex "Set flex" and don't require air. Stringer P/U blanks and epoxy resin components keep the boards extremely light weight. We use the Hydroflex patented 3-dimensional bonding structure. 



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