Surfboards by Donald Takayama

Glass Slipper


Recommended Fin Setup:

- 2+1 FCS w/ a 6.5" or 7" finger fin (2+1 setup)

- DT flex fin (single fin)


Hotdog Singlefin Shortboard


The ultimate hybrid. Brought back from the old Ala Moana days when Donald used to attack the left bowl on a 5’6” potato chip, this board will test even the most hardcore shortboarder. With it’s rounded, scooped nose and diamond tail, this little speed demon slips over, past and through anything thrown in it’s path. This model is a fun alternative to a shortboard any wave, any day.

(txt from HPD Australia)



Length Width Thickness
6'2"       22 5/8"    2 5/8"